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Write Club

What is write club?

The first rule of write club is you do not talk about write club. The second rule of write club is you DO NOT TALK ABOUT WRITE CLUB! 

In 2018 when we began the 2 Girls on a Bench podcast, we wanted to get ourselves writing with a 3 minute writing prompt. then we invited all listeners to join us with a monthly Write Club prompt. Writers who participate in Write Club have their submission read on a podcast episode.

Now in 2023 we have decided to go a step further and create a crowdsourced comedy audiodrama. Our first project is titled "Steve the Devil Roommate." Each month podcast listeners have the opportunity to respond to a writing prompt and contribute to the audio drama scripts. 

Our end goal is to produce a 3 episode series featuring the writing contributions from Write Club. Release date is hopefully summer 2024!

Writing Prompts

Steve the Devil Roommate Character List

Email: 2girlsonabench@gmail.com