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So Giggly and Fun!

These two are a BLAST and a half! You can feel how deep their friendships and it really put me at ease as a listener. The convo was always light, and real. Never awkward or uncomfortable. If I was ever at a park, these two girls on a bench are who I would want to be sitting next two!! A must listen!


Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes

What a delight

This podcast is delightful and funny. I love all the fun sound effects and the writing exercises.

PRHP says hi!

When the word original and unique comes up Tricia and Siana and their podcast immediately come to mind. Both hosts are very lovely and hilarious to listen. Every episode is filled with great ideas for snacks, hilarious and engaging content and is perfectly topped off with a creative approach to writing projects. If you haven’t added this to your collection of podcasts to listen to. You are missing out on a great time

The best!

These two are fun, grounded, and relatable. I had the pleasure of meeting them, and their podcast reflects the humans they are. A lifelong listener ☺️♥️

The BEst!

This is one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Incredibly relaxed atmosphere. To incredibly fun, funny and exciting hosts. I jumped in on an episode where the hosts were reading haiku about snacks and boy was it a good episode. Had me laughing from beginning to end. Had a blast listening to these ladies just enjoy their time and discuss their childhood snacks and fears at the lunch line. Perfect. Subscribed and I recommend the rest of you do too!

Awesome show

Both of these girls will having you laughing for the entire show! Very entertaining, and well worth subscribing!

Living for the Snacks!

These hosts are great. I love the snack breaks and the highbrow wine and humor. Lol. The ladies are so relatable and I’m enjoying every minute.

A Variety Hour, All It's Own

This show has a unique sense of humor and providing a unique listener experiences for listeners with snacks and writers. These two ladies are hilariously honest, goofy and electrifyingly entertaining. Check out this one!

Writers and Snackers...Enjoy!

I love to snack. I love to write. What more could I ask for than this amazing podcast featuring two friends who snack (and clearly, podcast) to distract themselves from writing. It's so nice to find kindred spirits! I especially appreciate their Bench Write Challenges, quick writing challenges they issue their listeners. Thanks for the motivation, ladies!

Procrastination awaits

A podcast by writers for everyone...2 Girls on a Bench is a fun show that is easy to listen to. It thrives on insight into the writing process (including prompts), procrastination, and general friendship between the hosts. I’m not sure there are any other podcasts like it. Give them a listen!

Writing is hard, but this podcast is fun

This podcast is a fun glimpse into the mind of a writer, with a dash of daily fun and friendship, too. Siana and Tricia are great hosts and their banter is very fun. Do yourself a favor and jump in to the fun stream of consciousness. You ladies rock from Jeff @menaredumb. Oh, and Cobra Kai is awesome!


I Really enjoyed the written prompts and banter! Left me curious to listen to more episodes. Will definately be following.

I’m a proud benchling

Keep up the great content I’m a proud benchling

I can’t procrastinate this review anymore.

If you love writing, snacks, procrastination, or any combination of those, this podcast is for you. I might write more later. I’ll see how I feel after a snack.


The excitement of the hosts is infectious, and the conversational nature of the podcast leaves you wondering how you have already reached the end. A genuine friendship shines through and leaves you feeling like you are connecting with old friends.

Listen already!

The title sums it up tidily, but leaves out the energy, quality, and joy that comes from tuning in. Give it a listen!

Super Entertaining

The hosts are so funny and entertaining. Love their banter and the content. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who needs something fun to procrastinate to!

A Barrel of Laughter

Tricia and Siana summon deep belly laughs from the stories they tell as they procrastinate. I started with Ep 39 and couldn't stop laughing at the massage story (btw, I would've cracked up at the Pink Himalayan salt chips joke haha). 5 stars!


This is a really cool show. I love the rapport between the hosts and the sound quality is top notch. Even when I think a topic isn’t for me, I’m still all in due to how much I like listening to the hosts and they really make you care. Great job!


I have so enjoyed your podcast! I love that you have such a diverse show! You both have such fun energy! ♥️

Great podcast!

Love the energy and humor of this podcast! The hosts are fantastic!

sitting on a bench...procrastinatin on a bench...

Amazing camaraderie in this podcast. Creative souls coming together to make an entertaining listen episode after episode. No frills podcast that gets you hooked.

Good Energy 😎

Just like listening to two girls on a bench. Really. Energetic conversation happening here with good humor.

Absolutely Wonderful

These ladies have the best chemistry and so much fun together. I can see why they have so many followers and how they have won so many awards.

A Bench Review in Haiku

2 Girls have talent Much kazoo and merriment Writings really hard -MGT Chris

Best I could give.

For a show about procrastination, it has had the opposite effect on me. The Girls have got me writing again. That is the best compliment I could give.

Super Fun!

This is my super happy funtime Podcast! Love the conversation and constantly find myself struggling not to talk back... Always love playing along with the writing prompt and am always waiting in anticipation for new episodes... Keep up the good work!

Best Bench

These ladies are great to sit and binge. They have some hilarious discussions and are always supportive of the podcasting community! Two thumbs way way up!

Funny and Friendly!

The girls certainly are not afraid of letting their feelings rip and telling it like it is, but in a way that lets you in on the joke. Their chemistry is undeniable and you just have to listen to hear how genuine and happy they are to be sharing their thoughts (and we're more than happy to hear them!!). A great podcast and highly recommended for those times you feel like you need some friends to hang out with!

Funny, Witty and I'm In

Subscribed after my first listen. Great host chemistry. Fun convos. Great stuff


Being an English major/BA in writing holder myself I instantly connected to this amazing show. Tricia and Siana are spectacular! I love the snacks, I love the random discussions, and I love the writing prompts. I love how they hold nothing back and how warm and welcoming they are as podcasters and people. Keep up the amazing work ladies! Definitely subscribed to your show from here on out!

snacks make writing better!

Sometimes you feel really alone dealing with how hard it is to be a writer. But when you find friends who play kazoo's and ukulele's it gets a lot easier. 2GirlsOnaBench are those friends, and they understand writing takes up time you don't have, inspiration you're trying to find, and a good snack to recommend. Tricia and Siana's antics, writing prompts, and tales of past near-death situations while on vacation make for a continuously fun experience not unlike coming over and just hanging out with friends who understand. And they encourage joining in! (the writing prompts, not the vacation dangers).

2 incredible women...one awesome podcast

Knowing Siana and Trisha may enhance my listening enjoyment, but once you listen to the podcast, you too will get to know them. I love the writing prompts, the procrastination realizations and of course SNACKS! A walk down memory lane and an encouraging voice to write, laugh and do something. Love this show!


Super fun! And these ladies have great chemistry :)

Get your snacks ready!

As a fellow procrastinator, I feel this podcast. These ladies are real funny- with genuine conversation and relatable life stories. You can tell they have writing talent too, hopefully they’ll finish a project so we can read it! But also keep procrastinating so you can keep the episodes comin!

Amazing show!

Such a fun show with great hosts! You can just tell how much fun they are having and it just makes you smile. They have so much great energy and chemistry that you just can't help queing up the next episode! I definitely recommend giving them a listen!

If you're a writer...

Then you probably love to procrastinate and call it your process or whatever. Well, while you're in the throes of process, check out this podcast. You'll easily relate to the two friends and their random banter.

Super unique!

This podcast is great! You feel like you’re friends with the ladies by the end of the episodes!! Funny topics also. Huge fan, will continue listening!

A Kazoo Salute Of The Highest

These ladies are funny, genuinely entertaining, and so many snack ideas to get you back on track with snacks. The best podcasters are the ones that by the end of the episode you feel like you become friends with, and that’s a rare quality! -From your new friends, The WAFLcast

Save us a seat because we are HOOKED!

Wow! We were completely hooked from episode 1! You guys have new subscribers and fans for life! We love how you it’s like we’re hanging out with our friends while we listen! We love you gals!🖤🖤🖤 - the girls from Grave Girls Podcast

Save us a seat on the bench!

Tricia and Siana have the talent and chemistry to captivate their audience into feeling like they’re sitting down with two dear friends. Their show is insightful, funny and familiar. If you wanna hear about life, snacks and fantastic writing prompts... then these ladies are what you’re looking for. This is definitely a podcast to subscribe to and eagerly await their next episode. ~Drew (Reel Feels Podcast)

You make me smile!

I love this show! In fact, it wasn’t working right this morning, and I’m in the middle of a binge, so I’m upset! You sound exactly like my bff and I - your rapport and “language of friendship” are wonderful! Keep up the amazing work - I love the prompts, the snacks, all of it!

Two funny ladies with great chemistry

This is a great podcast. It's like listening to a couple of good friends talking while touching on the creative processes of writing. Tricia and Siana have fantastic chemistry and the audio quality is great.

Charming, witty and clever

I love this podcast. It's so charming, so funny and delightful, and makes you feel like you know the hosts personally. Great writing prompts/encouragement, laugh-out-loud funny banter and "lists" (I love the "list of lists we should make" the most) and just wonderful, entertaining, brain-enlarging fun. Highly recommended.

Hashtag fun!

Tricia & Siana have great chemistry, are talented musicians of such classical instruments as the kazoo and slide whistle, and rival myself in procrastination. Great witty banter back and forth, and I really love how they bring their passion for writing into the show. Give the Girls a try! (PS I had to use that title because of your hating on hashtag ep)


Very entertaining listen! A fun show that is super binge worthy. - The Amazing Nerd Show

Full of energy

I listen to them when running. Their energy level keeps me going for miles. Their topics are always fun and keep me interested even when the running is over. Thanks and keep up the great work.

2 thumbs Up!

This podcast produces a laid back and fun atmosphere, great for my morning commute! Great audio quality, conversations are light hearted and funny. Give em a listen!

Give it a try

Give this podcast a try you might like it no you will love it

Another excuse

Instead or writing, I can listen to this show about people not writing. I need a snack.

Such a great time!

This show is hilarious! The gals are so witty and have fantastic banter. They are truly a pleasure to listen to. This pod is definitely on my weekly listening list from now on!

Funny Relatable Ladies

Love listening and laugh at every episode! The banter tells you how long they’ve known each other and I love their lists. Their writing exercises almost make me want to write… almost. Definitely recommend.

Just awesome...

This is a great find. If you are here reading this, just click an episode and listen. Do you want a podcast that is funny, smart, easy to jump into, and pushes just the right nerd buttons? These procrastinating writers are hilairous. Also do yourself a favor and stick around for the Stories from Pippila.

Procrastination is fun!

Kazoos, ukuleles, slide whistles, oh my! Want to get something done but you're procrastinating? Check out 2 Girls On A Bench! They are the fun queens of procrastination! Writing tips? Spooky stalker stories? Love of Mrs. Claire Huxtable? It's all here! Dig it!

The guy on the bench next to theirs

I used to listen to these two women on the bench next to mine. I could never hear what they were saying. So I followed them. After weeks of taking notes and having filled 3 journals of their comings and goings and all manner of personal info. I finally figured out how to hear them for free by listening to this podcast. They are great fun, and I love being a fly on the wall listening to their conversations. I still follow them of course. But now I listen their podcast as I do.

Everyone knows the feeling

This podcast captures the feeling when you’re doing anything possible to avoid what your probably should be doing. Lots of fun and they will help you procrastinate from whatever you should be doing.

Witty Writers

Two funny gals who love writing and love their snacks. This pod is an easy and light-hearted listen that will get your creative writing juices flowing.

We love these girls!

Very witty and clever. Keep up the great work!

So much fun!

These two are such a blast! I listened in my car on the way to the beach and it made the drive go so quickly…the dynamic between them and the subject matter are both fantastically fun! Highly suggest you hit the subscribe button!

Seriously FUN!

These girls are LAUGH OUT LOUD funny. I don’t there is another podcast out there like this one.


There is dope chemistry between these two... energy on 10‼️ - @Flaw700

A riot

You girls are a riot. Very entertaining. Thanks for cracking me up as I ride around in my car.

Snacks and Writing

As a writer, snacks are big part of the process. It’s genius to have a segment dedicated to something delicious. Also, love the interactivity of the writing prompts. As far as banter goes, you can tell the two girls on a bench have been long time friends. They bring you right into their world of procrastination.

Smarts, with snacks!

I love these ladies! Hearing them work through their process is super fun and inspiring. I love their snackbook, too!

Entertaining and Motivating

Great show with a laid back atmosphere and enchanting hosts. Whether talking about snacks or coming up with story ideas these "2 Girls" are always a fun listen. There's also the added bonus of encouraging audience participation in the writing exercises, helping to motivate fellow procrastinators!

A podcast for best friends and accountability

It’s awesome to hear two friends have so much fun on a pod, while also attempting to accomplish their creative goals in writing. Also SNACKS! Keep up the great work ladies!

2 Girls after my own heart!

I can’t say enough good things about this podcast! I absolutely loved it! They have a great friendship and their tangents are hilarious! I enjoy their snack talk. They have busy lives and still find time to record this awesome show! Can’t wait to listen to more episodes and hopefully I will one submit a writing prompt!

Funny Ladies

Great podcast, only listened to a few episodes so far but definately will subscribe! Great job ladies keep it up!

Writing procrastinators unite!

As a writer who has procrastinated with a half written book, partially written poetry chapbook and about a half a dozen short stories unfinished this podcast was just what I needed! Not only does it provide me with inspiration but also makes me feel better about my own procrastination and makes me feel like I am chatting with my writing pals. These girls are funny and really have an awesome chemistry! I recommend this to not only writers but all podcast listeners!


Great show. Keep the content coming!

Funny and highly addictive!

I love these two! They bounce off each other well and the comedy is hilarious. I am immediately in tears at the start of the shows, the intro song gets me every time! The writing procrastination lead to an endlessly charming podcast. Subscribe, you won't regret it!

Book writes itself!

Thus far my favorite episode is "Episode 9: Free Cheese." Where you learn for your next book to write about a young, handsome medical doctor who rescues dogs from the pound gas chamber, feeds the needy by contributing to his local urban farm, and plays a mentor/father figure to the upstairs neighbor who's only other friend is her parrot or mongoose. The bad news? Well, he is a stone-cold killer, but he only kills short men named Todd (you'll get the details of that later). Tricia and Siana have a great rapport with each other. I like how it's like listening to my wife talk to her sister. You hear tons of inside jokes you don't get, but somehow you still find them funny. The show is nicely refreshing. Episode 11: Unicorn hater party. Don't even get me started on those horned donkeys!

Can't write? Pod

Clearly these girls are indeed writers, great stories and a way with words. Highly entertaining stuff from rainbows to unicorns. Great chemistry and good fun listening. Listen to these ladies! Your friend Steve from boremeetsworld.

Funny Stuff!

Guaranteed a good time hanging out with these two ladies! Hilarious! Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Worth the listen!

These girls are so incredibly fun to listen to. Definitely not what I expected when I first started listening as these two follow no specific outline, the podcast feels as though you're just sitting in on a conversation between two best friends! Very fun podcast. I'd highly recommended it!

Love this!

This podcast is so much fun! It’s such a unique idea and the ladies have such great chemistry. Keep those episodes coming, ladies 💖

Fun Listen

The hosts have excellent charisma and chemistry and it makes for a really enjoyable podcast!


Procrastination + snacks + random banter = 1 awesome podcast! So much fun listening to these ladies. Before you know it you’ll feel like old friends.

2 old friends

Clearly these two have been together so long- their chemistry is palpable. Like sitting in with a couple of good old friends, full of in jokes and giggling.

Finally Found!

You cant go wrong with a podcast featuring the womans perspective! Most definitely worth the listen for fans of podcasts!

Awesome podcast!

So much fun!

To Snack is to Live

Story of my life right here, procrastination and snacking but mostly snacking...what I really enjoyed about this show wasn’t just that they deal in a similar issue that I do but that they do it with such ease of banter. These two girls really blend in in the car and really made a typical nightmare commute that much more tolerable. Cheers, ladies!

Casual, breezy, and fun

Tricia and Siana have a great show with relativey short episodes that blow right by as you listen to them, emerged in their discussions and terrific banter (even about minor stuff like what the movie with Glenn Close and the rabbot is actually called). They sound like they would be an absolute blast to hang out with, and they have a wonderful rapport. They take on whatever is on their mind, discuss a snack they're enjoying (or not enjoying), and keep you entertained throghout. Good stuff!

Very good and lots of fun!

Absolute blast to listen to! I stumbled upon this and had a wonderful time listening to these ladies have fun chatting with each other!

Writers Podcast

These two friends have great personality, and like all great hosts you wish you were there hanging out and being part of the conversation. The are fun. I love their concept of creating a podcast to hold theirselves more accountable to writing. As an amature writer who would love to make more time to write I can relate. In fact, I would love to see your podcast focus more on writing. I know the show is still very new and will come together a lot as they grow as podcasters, so my suggestion is introduce the episode so the listeners have a better idea of what the show and episode will be about. I look forward for what is to come!

Awesome Podcast!!

These two will keep you entertained. Fresh content uniquely delivered!

Awesome new podcast!

Listening to this podcast in the car is like having two friends along for the ride. You will laugh, talk back and generally not be bothered by the traffic because this podcast will keep you entertained. I'm looking forward to more episodes.

So fun!

In a world of serious advice, how refreshing to listen to a fun show, delivered from a place of understanding. Thoroughly enjoying!

Funny gals!

I relate to too much of this. Hilarious!!

Fun and clever

These ladies are fun to listen to. Very clever keep up the good work!!!