Welcome to the Bench!


2 Girls on a Bench is a podcast featuring Siana and Tricia, two young (at heart) women working on a screenplay, working full time and trying to be creative on the side and on the weekends.  In all our years of friendship, (listen when we started this we were girls) whenever we sit on a bench together anywhere in the world, we always see something unique happen. 



Each episode we take on a writing prompt, enjoy a snack from our Snackbook (an imaginary book we haven’t written about snacks) and sometimes visit our vault of old ideas.  Once a month we have our Bench Write Club where we share a writing prompt and invite our listeners to submit their responses (3 minutes, 250 word limit).

Join the bench. Maybe you’ve had writers block.  Or really wanted to watch Netflix instead of writing your screenplay, novel, tv series or grocery list.  If so, then this is the podcast for you.

Girl One – Tricia Marsac

Tricia, aka Trish the Dish, aka Electricia, aka Tricia Militia, is a yoga doin’, weird sock wearin’, social media lovin’ kinda gal.  She paints, she writes, she bakes, she builds things, she crafts, she teaches art on the side of a full-time job and she knows more than the average girl about electricity. Tricia’s love and background in theatre will show occasionally as she hums or belts out a show tune and can connect any statement to a song in Fiddler on the Roof.

Girl Two – Siana-Lea Valencia Gildard

Siana, aka Shawna, aka Shauna, aka Chona, is a self-help junkie, flat hair flunky, and cooking monkey.  Siana is a Chicana Ginger, you’d never know she’s Mexican American until she whips out her enchiladas. She is obsessed with collecting recipes, salt shakers, and forcing random collections of magnets and kitchen timers on Tricia. Siana loves trying to help people in her day job, but is getting tired and now just wants to gaze out into the forest and sleep. Siana is happiest eating popcorn and re-watching scenes from Shaun of the Dead or Pretty in Pink over and over again.