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So Giggly and Fun!

These two are a BLAST and a half! You can feel how deep their friendships and it really put me at ease as a listener. The convo was always light, and real. Never awkward or uncomfortable. If I was ever at a park, these two girls on a bench are who I would want to be sitting next two!! A must listen!


Love this show. always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes

What a delight

This podcast is delightful and funny. I love all the fun sound effects and the writing exercises.

PRHP says hi!

When the word original and unique comes up Tricia and Siana and their podcast immediately come to mind. Both hosts are very lovely and hilarious to listen. Every episode is filled with great ideas for snacks, hilarious and engaging content and is perfectly topped off with a creative approach to writing projects. If you haven’t added this to your collection of podcasts to listen to. You are missing out on a great time

The best!

These two are fun, grounded, and relatable. I had the pleasure of meeting them, and their podcast reflects the humans they are. A lifelong listener ☺️♥️

The BEst!

This is one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Incredibly relaxed atmosphere. To incredibly fun, funny and exciting hosts. I jumped in on an episode where the hosts were reading haiku about snacks and boy was it a good episode. Had me laughing from beginning to end. Had a blast listening to these ladies just enjoy their time and discuss their childhood snacks and fears at the lunch line. Perfect. Subscribed and I recommend the rest of you do too!

Awesome show

Both of these girls will having you laughing for the entire show! Very entertaining, and well worth subscribing!

Living for the Snacks!

These hosts are great. I love the snack breaks and the highbrow wine and humor. Lol. The ladies are so relatable and I’m enjoying every minute.

A Variety Hour, All It's Own

This show has a unique sense of humor and providing a unique listener experiences for listeners with snacks and writers. These two ladies are hilariously honest, goofy and electrifyingly entertaining. Check out this one!

Writers and Snackers...Enjoy!

I love to snack. I love to write. What more could I ask for than this amazing podcast featuring two friends who snack (and clearly, podcast) to distract themselves from writing. It's so nice to find kindred spirits! I especially appreciate their Bench Write Challenges, quick writing challenges they issue their listeners. Thanks for the motivation, ladies!

Procrastination awaits

A podcast by writers for everyone...2 Girls on a Bench is a fun show that is easy to listen to. It thrives on insight into the writing process (including prompts), procrastination, and general friendship between the hosts. I’m not sure there are any other podcasts like it. Give them a listen!

Writing is hard, but this podcast is fun

This podcast is a fun glimpse into the mind of a writer, with a dash of daily fun and friendship, too. Siana and Tricia are great hosts and their banter is very fun. Do yourself a favor and jump in to the fun stream of consciousness. You ladies rock from Jeff @menaredumb. Oh, and Cobra Kai is awesome!


I Really enjoyed the written prompts and banter! Left me curious to listen to more episodes. Will definately be following.

I’m a proud benchling

Keep up the great content I’m a proud benchling

I can’t procrastinate this review anymore.

If you love writing, snacks, procrastination, or any combination of those, this podcast is for you. I might write more later. I’ll see how I feel after a snack.


The excitement of the hosts is infectious, and the conversational nature of the podcast leaves you wondering how you have already reached the end. A genuine friendship shines through and leaves you feeling like you are connecting with old friends.

Listen already!

The title sums it up tidily, but leaves out the energy, quality, and joy that comes from tuning in. Give it a listen!

Super Entertaining

The hosts are so funny and entertaining. Love their banter and the content. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who needs something fun to procrastinate to!

A Barrel of Laughter

Tricia and Siana summon deep belly laughs from the stories they tell as they procrastinate. I started with Ep 39 and couldn't stop laughing at the massage story (btw, I would've cracked up at the Pink Himalayan salt chips joke haha). 5 stars!


This is a really cool show. I love the rapport between the hosts and the sound quality is top notch. Even when I think a topic isn’t for me, I’m still all in due to how much I like listening to the hosts and they really make you care. Great job!


I have so enjoyed your podcast! I love that you have such a diverse show! You both have such fun energy! ♥️

Great podcast!

Love the energy and humor of this podcast! The hosts are fantastic!

sitting on a bench...procrastinatin on a bench...

Amazing camaraderie in this podcast. Creative souls coming together to make an entertaining listen episode after episode. No frills podcast that gets you hooked.

Good Energy 😎

Just like listening to two girls on a bench. Really. Energetic conversation happening here with good humor.

Absolutely Wonderful

These ladies have the best chemistry and so much fun together. I can see why they have so many followers and how they have won so many awards.

A Bench Review in Haiku

2 Girls have talent Much kazoo and merriment Writings really hard -MGT Chris

Best I could give.

For a show about procrastination, it has had the opposite effect on me. The Girls have got me writing again. That is the best compliment I could give.

Super Fun!

This is my super happy funtime Podcast! Love the conversation and constantly find myself struggling not to talk back... Always love playing along with the writing prompt and am always waiting in anticipation for new episodes... Keep up the good work!

Best Bench

These ladies are great to sit and binge. They have some hilarious discussions and are always supportive of the podcasting community! Two thumbs way way up!

Funny and Friendly!

The girls certainly are not afraid of letting their feelings rip and telling it like it is, but in a way that lets you in on the joke. Their chemistry is undeniable and you just have to listen to hear how genuine and happy they are to be sharing their thoughts (and we're more than happy to hear them!!). A great podcast and highly recommended for those times you feel like you need some friends to hang out with!